Recent Before & After Photos

Wooden Floor Flooded

Wood Floors Can be Saved When a wood floor is wet it's not the end of the world. The flooring can be saved because of the makeup of the wood. Here are the steps... READ MORE

Sewage Backup

Black Water from Sink The home owners didn't know what to do when they started seeing sewage coming out of their sinks and bathtubs. After calling their insuran... READ MORE

Hoarding House

A hoarding house is not a job we usually do or even get calls for. In most cases the home has a fire or water damage which then needs to be cleaned up to get to... READ MORE

Water Damage Business Office

Water damage in this office caused havoc to the interior and required immediate action. Our team of professionals at SERVPRO of New Cumberland/Carlisle responde... READ MORE

Commercial Flood Damage to a Warehouse

The groundwater flowed in through the bays of this warehouse. The before photo illustrates the standing water left after a large volume has already been suction... READ MORE

Graffiti Cleanup

Commercial Graffiti Cleanup It is unfortunate to see a building covered in graffiti, but it happens all the time. The main problem with graffiti is if it's not ... READ MORE

What to do after water intrusion?

If your office suffers a water damage there a few different techniques that SERVPRO of New Cumberland/Carlisle can use to dry out your offices. Office Damage Re... READ MORE

Early Morning Emergency Response

Parkton Business Flooding This strip mall had a broken pipe that flooded a couple of business. The facility manager of the mall called us as soon as he saw the ... READ MORE

Ice Storm Damage

Freezing ice storms can cause pipes in both residential and corporate structures to freeze over and burst. This building had two inches of water in their buildi... READ MORE

Storm Damage Home

Storm damage at this home occurred when two big windows were broken out during a severe thunderstorm. There was a large amount of water deposited on the dining ... READ MORE