Recent Before & After Photos

Reconstruction after Kitchen Fire

There was extensive fire damage though out this home from a kitchen fire. The before photo shows the extent of the damage to the ceiling, walls, and cabinets. Y... READ MORE

Storm Destroys Foyer

After a large storm hit the Pennsylvanian home, water started to flood in from the roof and leak into the walls. The before picture shown is after we had demoli... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Explosion

From a cleaning done at a nearby camping ground. A fire extinguisher had gone off within a room of one of the cabins and spread throughout the entire unit. Our ... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Cleaning

At SERVPRO of New Cumberland/Carlisle, we offer more services than most customers realize. This chandelier looks beautiful in the before photo but the after pho... READ MORE

Hallway Clean Up

A hydraulic elevator malfunction caused fluid from its motor to spill out into hallway, pump room, and storage area at a retirement community. The slick surface... READ MORE

Quick and Efficient Service

A fire extinguisher went off in a 20,000 sq ft commercial office building. We were among 3 restoration companies called in to get the mess cleaned up as quickly... READ MORE

House Flood

24 hours before this photo was taken, the resident of this house noticed a small, what they thought to be an insignificant, wet spot on the carpet. Hours later,... READ MORE

Recreational Center Flood

This job was done after a large storm caused flooding in the storage area of a local Rec Center. After moving the damaged items off the premises we got to work ... READ MORE

Damaged Item Removal

A large fire occurred in a residential home which caused debris to fall down into the basement, affecting most of the items within it. We got right to work clea... READ MORE

Large House Fire

After a large house fire in a suburban area, we were called to clean out and later restore the damage that was done to the house. Some of the heirloom furniture... READ MORE